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BHSc (Naturopathy)

Naturopath, herbalist

Many years of my adult life have been defined by the experience of chronic and debilitating pelvic pain and endometriosis. Through years of bad healthcare, dismissal, poor communication, and inadequate prescriptions…pain, doubt, exhaustion, and struggle...I found empowerment through herbs and education. Learning about myself, whole and complete, my body, my flow.


I learnt to listen to what I knew, what I felt, to trust that I was the expert in my own self. This allowed me to navigate a complex health system and make choices that could help me get to better places.


Through all this I learnt the wisdom and power of plant medicines, and the traditions of naturopathy. Seeing each person as a whole, knowing that all aspects of health affect each other, and that our systems are geared to return to a place of healthfulness when guided. This taught me that my intuition about myself was correct, and I knew so much more than I was conditioned to believe.


Naturopathy invites each person to participate in their own healing journey, acknowledging that the wisdom of each patient is in their knowledge of themselves. When this is combined with the understanding and professional capabilities of a clinician it is a powerful healing combo!


Modern western medicine is a gift to us in so many ways that I continue to be grateful for, and there are some exceptional doctors and specialists out there who listen to and care for their patients. But when it comes to women’s hormonal and emotional health, there are gaping holes.


A healthcare system that was built by men, for men, has done my menstrual cycle very few favours. So I take back my own power. I learn intimately about my own body so no one can tell me I don’t know what I am talking about.


I want to empower you to learn about yourself with greater intimacy, so you can know that you are the expert in your own health.


Why Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a form of complementary medicine that views each person as a whole. It combines traditional Western herbalism and food as medicine practices with contemporary scientific research in herbal actions, lifestyle medicine, and nutrition. Naturopathy treats the root cause of ill health in a personalised, supportive way.

Here are some of the things I can help with

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Emotional Wellbeing

Times of change, transition, and stress can challenge our mental wellbeing in so many ways. Naturopathy can improve stress resilience, reduce anxiety and nourish your emotional health

Painful, heavy, irregular  periods

These experiences may be common but they don't have to be the normal. There are many ways to improve these symptoms and reduce their impact on your life  


This time of significant change can be supported to reduce the burden of symptoms on your everyday life, while helping you embrace this time of transition and recalibration


My own experience with endometriosis has made me passionate about supporting this challenging illness. Naturopathy can help to manage pain, reduce heavy bleeding, and support the varied impacts of this condition such as IBS, bladder pain, or pelvic floor dysfunction. 


Improve your mood, reduce bloating and discomfort, reduce pain, improve headaches,  manage cravings, and learn about your unique cycle 


Naturopathy can support your experience of PCOS by helping to regulate your cycle, improve insulin sensitivy, and promote ovulation



Initial Consultation

An initial appointment starts with your story and experience of dis-ease, and we explore the holistic impact on your health. We look at your diet, emotional wellbeing, and targeted systems within the body (e.g. reproductive system, digestive system).

A treatment plan is created, using herbal, nutritional or lifestyle remedies as appropriate. This is always done with your budget in mind. 


Return Consultation

A return consult continues working with your treatment plan to create sustainable change to your health.


To treat the root cause of illness it often requires a longer commitment and adaptive remedies, which can be prescribed in your return consults. You should see your symptoms reduce and your overall health improve.


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